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Custom UX/UI Web Design


Web design is not only about the look and feel of the brand on the web. It’s also about making your customers’ journeys easy and intuitive, as they are learning more about your products and navigate through your services online. Our ultimate goal at Inov8ion, is to make your users engage with your website, either if that is buying a product or leaving their contact details as a lead.

  • user experience analysis
  • user interface design
  • responsive design

Work With Us

We start by talking about what you’re looking for and asking questions about your organization’s goals. From day one, our mission is to explore all the options and to build the app that will provide the absolute best value for your business. At Inov8ion, supporting our clients like that is what we’re all about. Get in touch today to set up a consultation to talk about your mobile app development needs.

  • Research
  • South Africa is a diverse country with diverse industries and we’ve built a reputation for excellence because of our commitment throughout the whole website design process, beginning with thorough research.

    As a leading web design agency in South Africa we work across a variety of industries. We employ a multidimensional approach to web design and it all begins with truly understanding our clients’ needs. We hold meetings, speak in detail with our clients and do independent research to make sure we are representing their business in full, online.

  • Design
  • Once the wireframing has been finalized, our web design team will fill in all the visual elements necessary to make your website stand out. Using carefully curated imagery and unique interactive elements, we will design a site that is user-friendly, appealing and provides your customers with a satisfying experience.

    We’re easily accessible to answer any questions during the design process and present you with a polished look for your website.

  • Testing
  • Once development is complete, we leave nothing to chance and use a number of specially designed tools to ensure your site will run smoothly during and after launch. We test everything from validation to speed to ensure each aspect of your site works as it was designed to.

    Our web development team runs every test to make sure the site executes the way it should. In addition to checking front end aspects, we double check the code, alignment and make sure the site is debugged prior to launch.

  • Wireframing
  • Much like building a house, a successfully designed website begins with a blueprint. Our talented team of designers will provide a website wire frame to ensure the pages and information are being presented in a clear, concise fashion. This is the stage when we create a comprehensive layout that acts as the guideline for the rest of web design and development process.

    After the wire frame is approved, our design team will go to work for you, creating an eye-catching and user-friendly site that optimizes your customers’ experience

  • Development
  • Following approval of the design, our website development team will take the design and create a fully functioning, interactive website. We will take the static layout and turn it into a dynamic website that will drive your business. Our web programmers are experienced and meet each challenge with competence and lasting solutions.

    Our well-organized team moves quickly to gain approvals and create fully-functioning site that will serve your organization’s needs.

  • Launch
  • The final, and most satisfying, aspect of the design process is the launch of your fully-functioning website. Our web design agency is there for you every step of the way, even the final one. Before your site launches publicly, we will enact a pre-launch page to ensure, once again, everything is working as it should.

    After final reviews and any additional edits, you are ready to launch and welcome your customers to a user-friendly site crafted towards high conversion rates and seamless ecommerce experience!